ZPM Guide

Gushan Branch

The Gushan branch of Zhejiang Provincial Museum is located at the southern foot of Gushan Mountain. Most of its current buildings were rebuilt or expanded in 1993. It has a special garden-like layout consisting of individual buildings in a style characteristic of the region south of the Yangtze, and long winding corridors.

Wulin Branch

The Wulin branch, which was completed and opened to the public towards the end of 2009, is located downtown at the West Lake Culture Square. It is mainly used for exhibitions about Zhejiang’s history and traditional culture, its modern revolutionary history, and its intangible heritage. It is a new venue for displaying Zhejiang’s long history, splendid culture and revolutionary course as well as a new public space for the arts and humanities. Adjacent to the Grand Canal, the modernized buildings of the Wulin branch are filled with a vitality that encompasses both past and present.

Wenlan Pavilion

In the west of Gushan branch’s premises is the historic architectural complex of Wenlan Tower, which used to be the imperial library of the Qing dynasty and is now under national priority protection as a historic site.

Zhejiang West Lake Gallery

Space as Centerpiece
In the east of Gushan branch is Zhejiang West Lake Gallery, which mainly features special art exhibitions. The elegant buildings nestling among the hills by the lake form an appealing cultural attraction in Hangzhou.

Huang Binhong Memorial

The former residence of Sha Menghai

Cultural Relics Protection & Scientific Research Base