ZPM Service

Service Guidance

  1. Free Admission (Except some loan exhibitions

  2. Opening Hours

        Tuesday-Sunday: 9:00-17:00 (Closing starts from 16:30).

        Monday is open only when it is occasionally a legal national holiday.

  3. Getting here

        1)To Gushan Branch


               There is on-street parking along Gushan Rd. 

               (Gushan Branch is in the West Lake Scenic Area. Parking places here may be used up quickly in weekends and holidays.)


               Take Y10 to the station Zhejiang Provincial Museum (“Zhe Jiang Sheng Bo Wu Guan”), and the museum is in front of you.

        2)To Wulin Branch


               There is a parking garage in West Lake Cultural Square which is 5 RMB per hour.


               Take 19 (or 30, 38, 57, 58, 67, 203, 206) to the station West Lake Cultural Square(“Xi Hu Wen Hua Guang Chang”), and then walk to the museum;

            c.BRT Bus

               Take B1 (or B2, B4) to the station North of Wulin Square, (“Wu Lin Guang Chang Bei”) and then walk to the museum;


               Take Metro No. 1 to the station West Lake Cultural Square(“Xi Hu Wen Hua Guang Chang”),and walk out from Exit C to the museum.

  4. Vistor Tips

        1)Follow the working staff’s instructions.

        2)Bikes, motorcycles, cars, etc. are not allowed to enter the garden.

        3)Drinking and eating is not allowed in the Museum. 

        4)Pets are not allowed to be brought in.

        5)Inflammable and explosive object, guns, daggers and other dangerous objects are prohibited to be brought in. 

        6)No smoking.

        7)People who are improperly dressed, drunk or improperly behaved are not allowed to get into the museum.

        8)The young and the elderly are suggested to visit with accompanying of adults.

        9)Please speak at a relatively low voice.

        10)Please be polite with others and help keep a friendly exhibiting environment.

  5. Services

        1)Answering visitor s’ questions and recording their suggestions;

        2)Offering the lasts news of exhibitions and education projects;

        3)Provide left-luggage service for free;

        4)Providing emergency drugs and needle works for free;

        5)Offering wheelchairs and baby carriages to the needed for free;

        6)Providing guide service for free for groups of pupils under 18.

        7)Providing guide service for individuals and groups. We suggest you reserve guide service in advance. 

            Reservation phone number: 

            0571-87980281-3084 (Gushan Branch)

            0571-85391628, or 0571-85301080-6115 (or 6116) (Wulin Branch)

            Charges:¥60 for 1-5 person(s),¥100 for 6-10 persons, ¥120 for 11-20 persons, ¥200 for 21-50 persons.

  6. Shops

        There are shops in Wenlan Ge (Gushan Branch), Zhejiang West Lake Gallery (Gushan Branch) and Wulin Branch.

        The shop on the 1st Floor in Wulin Branch is rich in variety, which sells catalogues, books, duplicated paintings and calligraphy, duplicated ceramics, duplicated jades, modern crafts, and souvenirs.

        The shop on 3rd Floor in Wulin Branch serves tea and dessert.